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International Internship Program

The most important part in a student's life, other than the admission in one of the best college, is internship. While you may have many opportunities in your home town and chances are that you might find there the best place you could intern at - creme de la creme. But before moving to a conclusion, give a second thought to international internship and then decide what would be the best course of action. It’s not just about the present time but about your future and your career. Now you may have this question in mind that why to intern abroad? And if so then why only Pursueasia?

Apart from the obvious benefit of adding weight to the resume, our internship program offers students a lot of opportunities in learning and growing personally and professionally both. It gives you Networking opportunities, cross cultural sensitivity, help with the academics, language proficiency, being independent, a global experience and a chance to land a full-time position. All in all, our internship program for abroad will speak in volumes about you to your future employer. Moreover, our team will help you to find right choice for your field and will take care of the whole tenure of training including accommodation with food, your transport, city tours and much more. Even we don’t have fixed planes only, we customize the packages of internship according to individual needs. We help you to grab all the opportunities in your way.

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