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International Internship Program

The most important part in a student's life, other than an admission in one of the best colleges, is internship. While you may have many opportunities in your home town and chances are that there might be the best place you could intern at - creme de la creme. But before you jump to any conclusion, give international internship a thought and then decide what would be the best course of action, not just in the present time but keeping your future, your career in mind. Now you may say why intern abroad? Apart from the obvious benefit of adding weight to the resume, an international internship offer students a lot of opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally Networking opportunities, cross cultural sensitivity, help with the academics, language proficiency, being independent, a global experience and a chance to land a full time position. All in all, an internship abroad will speak volumes about you to your future employer. It's a living proof that you are not afraid to stick it out in a new environment and can adapt to it quite easily. It will also prove that you are a go - getter and can navigate your way into a new environment, not just literally but metaphorically as well.

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A career in Accounting means one can have the opportunity to work within almost any industry conceivable. Internship in Accounting with PursueAsia is thus great to spur a prosperous and successful career in the field.


Engineering is the unified application of scientific knowledge to solve the real world problems in an effective and efficient manner. Engineering encompasses the real life approach to problem solving and designing things. Engineering can be distinguished from other professions by its unique perspective to problem solving and implementing the solutions in a cost effective manner.


MBA is a professional as well as terminal degree. The Accreditation bodies that are meant specifically for MBA make sure that the education remains consistent and qualitative. Business schools across the globe offers full-time, part-time, distance learning and executive(coursework which occurs at nights or weekends).


Keeping in style and staying upbeat with latest fashion trends is now easy with lot of styles trending created by skilled designers every day.

Hotel Management

The scope of hotel management as a profession is vast. As the industry grows and develops, it requires more and more trained and ready work force to cater to increasing demands and customers.


Law is a system of rules and guidelines that are enforced through social institutions to govern social and general behavior. The purpose of law is to uphold sovereignty and ethical rights

Film and Media

Today, in the global scenario, the Film making industry has traversed borders and has progressed into a flourishing, multi-billion-dollar business.

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