Accommodation is not just a shelter over your head it is the lifestyle you want to lead. PursueAsia takes great care in making end to end arrangements for a successful international internship by taking care of travel, accommodations, and social events alongside your internship. Students involved in gaining experience must have a good place for themselves so that they get time to relax and think how their career is shaping up. PursueAsia generally provides stay which can be nearby to the city and not in the outskirts so that interns can have accessibility to everything.

Accommodations in Dubai

As a result of having thousands of visitors each year, the city provides world class accommodations in Dubai with great facilities. PursueAsia has an operating office in Dubai. Interns who take internships through PursueAsia get to stay in fully serviced hotel apartments in Dubai where all modern facilities like Wi-Fi, global cuisine etc. and all basic amenities are provided. The hotel staffs are well trained to understand the requirements and expectations of such global environments.

One of the accommodation partners with PursueAsia in Dubai is ‘Winchester Grand Hotel Apartments’.

Here are some details on the facilities for the stay:

  • It is 4 Km from the Dubai world trade centre
  • The rooms are life informal apartment
  • Serve global cuisines
  • Best location to stay within the city limits

There are other partners too for a safe and sound stay which keeps up to similar expectations.

Accommodations in Singapore

A place for a better stay is never a problem in this tourist location as accommodations in Singapore are as classy and are available everywhere.

Interns are provided with:

  • A comfortable stay in fully serviced hotel apartments
  • Access to all modern facilities inside the hotel like swimming, restaurants and modern gym equipment’s

Depending on the company location, a 4 star to 5atr hotel/ fully serviced apartment is provided to the intern near by the company location.

Plan your internships with PursueAsia and have just the right accommodation for the stay.

Accommodations in India

Indian metro cities are very good in providing spacious accommodations. Most of the accommodations are in prime locations and well suited to the climate. We prefer 4 star and 5 star hotels for our interns for their stay. Pursue Asia’s partners for accommodations in India are Fortune, Royal Orchid, Oakwood and few others.

Their highlights are as follows:

  • Situated at prime locations
  • They are near to the main city
  • Have spacious rooms
  • Serve global cuisines

Locations like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi are prime business locations in India. There are many other facilities also depending on the city the intern chooses for the internship.


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