Interning in Singapore

Though geographically small, Singapore has become an economic and commercial titan. Singapore has established a prosperous economy and boasts of an open and corruption free market, making it the high-tech and global financial centre that it is today.

Singapore history has contributed to its growth making it Southeast Asia's most modern city for over a century. Interning in Singapore can be value adding for an array of reasons. The economy depends greatly on exports, predominantly of consumer electronics, information technology products, pharmaceuticals, and on its transportation, business, and financial services sectors.

Singapore's tropical weather greets both leisure and business travelers all-round the year. Excellent infrastructure and modern facilities enables visitors to appreciate tourist attractions in a safe, clean and green environment.

Benefits of Interning in Singapore

Singapore is a multiethnic city, and most of its population are foreign workers from all corners of the world and is a magnet for assorted talents and expertise. In addition to Chinese, Malay and Tamil, English is one of the four official languages in Singapore, and is used primarily in business, making it easier for interns to gel and communicate.

Benefits of interning in Singapore can cumulate a great head start for a career following a successful pilgrimage. As the glittering gem of Southeast Asia Singapore is more than welcoming for pursuing productive internships.

Sectors in Singapore

Being a fast-paced economy, there is a variety of opportunities in different sectors in Singapore for internships to explore and choose from:


The Government strives to make Singapore a must-see and favored tourist destination. Exciting and distinctive internships are offered in Singapore in business tourism, medical tourism, retail tourism, and much more.

Banking and Financing

Financing internships in Singapore are popular because of the presence of several International banks, wealth management firms, and other financial Institutions lodged in Singapore.

Energy and Chemicals

As the global energy market becomes complex, Singapore's oil and petrochemical industry has been lifted by influx of leading energy companies. Singapore is one of the world's top export refining centers and oil and oil products trading hub.


Electronics in Singapore are progressive and trustworthy, making it a key player in manufacturing and R&D. Singapore's electronics industry promises to drive demand for new classes of electronic devices over the next decade.


Singapore houses offices of BBC, CNBC Asia, Discovery Channel Asia, MTV Asia, Walt Disney, Star Sports, and ESPN. Media companies and offerings in Singapore are growing exponentially and offer attractive internships.

Academia and Education

Amidst the favorable setting for research and development, prospects are limitless in Singapore's academic and education sector. Newer institutions of higher learning in Singapore offer exciting internships opportunities.

Internships offer students the brilliant prospect of gaining industry experience and refining their methodical and in-depth subject expertise. Pursuing an internship in Singapore can lay the groundwork for a blossoming and prosperous career upgrading their skills.


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