Interning in Thailand

Thailand is a vision of future. Since 1960, a lot of development has happened as a big involvement from the government has brought strict rules for business. Huge works force has been deployed and a lot of employment opportunities have been created. It is a very good time to start planning for interning in Thailand.

The recent boom in IT and manufacturing has made Thailand one of the prominent cities to start internships and build a good business network for a promising future. An internship in Thailand is a mixed experience of beautiful and colorful culture which is developing to come at par with other developed nations. PursueAsia makes designated programs for interning in Thailand so that students get ample of opportunity with convenience of travel and stay during their internship.

Benefits of Interning in Thailand

Thailand has two contrasting aspects of its cities; one is in its daylight, when everything is naturally colored, scenic whereas the nightlife is artificially lit but beautiful in its own way.

Thailand internships allow you to make best of your knowledge about the Asian markets and business skills. This was only one of the benefits of interning in Thailand, more are to follow. There is a lot of difference on business operates in Asian countries and Thailand being the success stories among the fast-rising countries of Asia is the best what an intern will dream in every project. The experience is rich and graceful, disciplined but simple.

Interns who have always planned to see the ideas getting implemented into reality must have their work experience in Thailand industries. It’s a great to develop a cross-cultural aspect of your personality.

Sectors in Thailand

A lot of companies from various sectors are rooted deeply in this viz. Aviation, Hospitality, Retail, Oil and gas, healthcare, Food and beverage etc.


Manufacturing and service sectors in Thailand are known to have built the backbone of the economy. Still is not only that Thailand industrial sector is made of.


Travel and Leisure sector of industries are also booming because of the scenic beauty of this place.

IT Sector

Thailand’s IT sector has also got good opportunities for employment. A lot of IT manufacturing firms and Telecommunications firms have their offices there and created a lot of employment for the skilled people. One of the biggest exporters of computers Thailand faces strong competition from China, Singapore etc hence there is a great scope for Computer Engineers as well.

Auto Parts Industry

Facts state that among the countries of Southeast Asia Thailand claims to have major auto assembling industry, assembling developed auto parts for companies like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and more to follow.

Interning in Thailand in any of the above sectors will be a great opportunity and responsible decision to take for one’s career.


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