Internship in Singapore

An internship in Singapore that is well structured and effectively executed is the best way to kick-start a successful career. In today's demanding and dynamic job market, employers are looking for a shining resume, an assortment of extracurricular activities and pertinent prior professional practice. PursueAsia comprehends that a student starts to improve and develops required professional skills related to his/her interests only when he/she tries to implement practically his academic learnings. One can gain this reasonable experience and furthermore by pursuing an international internship, he/she can make most of the personal and cultural perks that diverse work cultures offer. In addition, building and fostering professional associations with internships abroad can be highly useful in the long run.

Opportunities in Singapore

Openness to Global trade and investment provides a concrete foundation for economic vitality and an excuse to do an internship in Singapore. Singapore has a highly developed and up-and-coming economy. It has a favorable environment for long-term investment and positive confidence in the economy. It lucratively connects aspiring students across the Globe to the leading business houses and attractive opportunities in Singapore for pursuing internships abroad. The top-class infrastructure, superb facilities and fast-paced work culture is alluring for students as well as professionals. An international internship opens doors to many appealing opportunities that help empower one's career-shaping experience. The organization provides interns in Singapore the opportunity to work in a different and intriguing community, while enjoying the strategic location and connectivity of the city.

Internship with PursueAsia

Taking an internship with PursueAsia guarantees a Singapore Internship that is super fun, yet an enriching experience! Making sure that every student's entry into the professional world is a grand one, we offer professionally designed and expertly executed programs for every internship in Asia. Pursuing an internship before getting started with your career can lay the foundation for a thriving and prosperous career. PursueAsia over years has put together a high-performing team that has profitably built robust industry networks and channels. Harnessing the power and reach of such channels, the organization offers value-adding international internships that are roadmaps to healthy careers.

Along with providing technical learning, PursueAsia provides comprehensive opportunities to enrich the personality of students during their internship in Singapore giving every intern with a perfectly tailored and methodically designed international internship. It helps to easily interact and socialize with students from different countries and cultures. Continuous living assistance, safe accommodation, local tours and travel, interactions with Industry experts and academic consultants are some of the many rewards that PursueAsia offers!

Available internships in Singapore

Known as Asia's infrastructure hub, Singapore is home to diverse industries and businesses and hence has several opportunities for interning abroad. From the available internships in Singapore, the key industries that student can find internships into, include Electronics and Manufacturing, Biomedical Services, Accountancy and Financial services, Infocomm and Media, Energy and Infrastructure etc. Travel and tourism have also significantly grown in the past few decades and are attractive for pursuing an internship in Singapore with PursueAsia.

Singapore, located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, is appropriately poised to ride on the growth possibilities in Asia and the rest of the world.

Four Weeks Internship Program for Upcoming Month

Singapore - May 2017 - ( 4 weeks )
05 May Arrival
06 May Orientation And Welcome Party
07 May Rest And Explore The City
08 May Start Work
01 June End Work And See-Off Party + Business Networking
02 June Leave Accommodation
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