Ayla Catherine (Cat)

"I absolutely loved every minute in India."

Ayla Catherine (Cat)
Marketing Intern
ORCA Studio (India)

Angeli Nayyar

How did you learn about PursueAsia?

I read about Pursue Asia via my University careers page.

What was the internship you were doing and with which company?

Having read a degree in Human Resource Management and Business, Pursue Asia managed to find me a Human Resource related internship at Hit The Deals. The company prepared me for a HR related role and provided me with full practice over the HR Functions. I engaged particularly in Benefits Packages and the Recruitment process. I also touched base in their Marketing department which made my journey all the more interesting. There was no limitation in the company as to what I could learn.

How was the experience so far?

The experience was incredible. The Middle Eastern cultural experience was exceptional. I predominately found Dubai to be expatriate - most of the people I met were in the same boat as I, which made me feel all the more at home.

What can the other interns, coming through PursueAsia expect?

Expect to experience breaths of fresh air, but learning the ropes to becoming fully independent in an unknown destination. The world is your Oyster, being given this opportunity opened my eyes to different ways of life and different working worlds. It's not all easy, but it is definitely worth it.

Would you recommend PursueAsia?

For those of you who are hoping to find yourself or are going through the phase of not knowing where you want to go or what you want to do, I would definitely suggest the 'going all independent' route and jet setting off on one of these internships. It was a truly inspiring experience.

Angeli Nayyar
HR Intern
Hit The Deals (Dubai)

Tanvi Patel

"PursueAsia looks after you, you don't have to worry about being in a new city."

Tanvi Patel
Marketing Intern
Wired : Hit The Deals (Dubai)

Thuhin Ahmed

"Internships are important for career development"

Thuhin Ahmed
Information Technology (IT) Intern
Wired (Dubai)


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