Mardiana Dickson

"My internship will be a great help for my final year dissertation and future work."

Mardiana Dickson
Electrical Engineering Intern
Suzlon Energy and Fernandes Electricals (India)

Ajay Sahota

Tell us something about your internship?

My internship was at a law firm called Astrea Legal. The period of my internship was for 4 weeks, during these four weeks I got to know the day to day life of an advocate and what the work load is and what will be expected from me when I become a barrister. During this internship

I: Researched and prepared a report on matters related to Matrimonial Cross Border Disputes.
Provided brief information on Prenuptial Agreements.
Observed the Magistrates Court in Pune Camp.
Visited the District Court.
Attended clients meeting and formulated opinions on Legal Matters.

How did PursueAsia help you with your internship?

The way in which PursueAsia helped me with my Internship was by firstly getting me the internship and then making sure that everything was running smoothly and whether we needed anything to be changed.

What can other interns coming to India with PursueAsia internship program expect?

Other interns that are coming to India with PursueAsia internship program can expect good communication from the team of PursueAsia, transport facilities where by there will be no stress of finding your way around as there is a driver who picks and drops you from work and back. The other thing that an intern coming to India can expect is a good place to carry out the internship and speaking from experience I feel that PursueAsia had giving me a great opportunity to work with the law firm and the staff who were amazing.

Ajay Sahota (UK)
Law Intern
Astrea Legal

Cheuk Nam Kong

"India is a very special place. People are friendly and helpful."

Cheuk Nam Kong
Finance Intern
SG Analytics (India)

Paramjeet Kaur Bhatti

How did you learn about PursueAsia?

I got to know about PursueAsia through google and then I applied for internship. I received a response with all the information. The program seemed well organized and I knew I would be in good hands whilst making all appropriate arrangements and whilst I was out there.

What is the internship you are doing and with which company?

I am pursuing 8 weeks internship as a management trainee with one of the renowned hospital, "Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital".

How is the experience so far?

It is an amazing experience for me. Not only do you see new things and sight but you also meet amazing people. The workers at the hospital were so welcoming and went out of their way to show us how things worked in terms of their technology and general practice.

What can the other interns, coming through PursueAsia expect?

The new interns will get an opportunity to join well established successful organisations and explore their skills. My one piece of advice to anyone who is thinking about interning in India would be to go into it with an open mind and be willing to do things out of your comfort zone. I think if you do this it will help you to get the most out of the experience.

Would you recommend PursueAsia?

Yes, I will definitely recommend PursueAsia to get fruitful internships.

Paramjeet Kaur Bhatti (UK)
Hospital Administration Intern
Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital

Dalvinder Dhami (UK)

"My internship has been great, other PursueAsia interns can except a once in a life time experience."

Dalvinder Dhami (UK)
Film Intern
Boney Kapoor Production House
(For the film "Tevar")


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