Things to Do When in India

India boasts of an immeasurably rich cultural heritage including several languages, traditions of different people. With unity in diversity, India has nurtured itself according to international requirements and standards. Indians have been far-sighted and upbeat in accepting global approach and skills.

The country is drawing many global majors for considered investments owing to the presence of huge number and types of industries, investment avenues and a reassuring government. So what could be the things to do when in India if you are getting to explore the country? Indian tourism has largely grown and enormous tourists come here every year, particularly exploring North and Central of the country.

Places to Visit in India

There are uncountable things to do and places to visit in India making your travel enjoyable and exhilarating. PursueAsia Internship Program also includes city tour in the package that allows interns to travel in India.


The capital of Maharashtra State and the entryway named "Gateway of India" to the enticing subcontinent. The city of Bollywood is also one of the largest commercial hubs of India. With a cosmopolitan nature, Mumbai is a dream city for many!!


Goa is famous for its outstanding scenery, shiny and clean beaches, amazing monuments, 16th century churches and lively nightlife. Goa is one of the most visited tourist places in India. It offers the best seafood for foodies.

New Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and is regarded as the heart of the nation. The city with its enriched culture and legacy has one of the largest residences of a head of state in the world."Rashtrapati Bhavan". New Delhi is a busy metropolis that has a remarkable blend of modernization and prudently conserved antiquity.


Bengaluru boasts of an exciting mix of ingenious infrastructure and beautiful sceneries. Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is a bustling IT hub. This vivacious city is known by many names - Silicon Valley of India, Garden City, Pub City etc. Enthrall in its multifaceted charm!


Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City of India, is the capital city of Rajasthan. Known for rich culture, bright colors, marvelous architecture, royal palaces and luxurious forts, Jaipur has numerous stories to tell.


Jammu and Kashmir, India's one of the most attractive states lies on the peaks of Himalayan Ranges with varying landscape and culture. Known as the paradise on earth, the heavenly land is breathtaking beautiful.

Food of India

  • The Aloo Parantha is a wheat/maida roti stuffed with tasty potato filling. A typical Punjabi dish, it is eaten with yogurt and pickle, topped with ghee!
  • Vada made with mashed potato and onion, deep fried in chickpea flour (besan), eaten with a pav (bread) called Vada Pao considered to be the staple diet of people in Maharashtra.
  • Largely tomato based, Chicken Curry is cooked with chicken marinated in yogurt and lots of butter. A sure treat for the taste buds.
  • Biryani is an aromatic rice dish that is cooked with vegetables or marinated chicken or mutton; it is one of the most delectable rice dishes from India.
  • The extremely popular Chaat includes many mouth-watering dishes, which are bhel-puri, paani-puri, dahi-puri, sev puri, etc.

Souvenirs of India

From India's famous cotton and silk clothing, bed covers, tablecloths and wall hangings to low-priced leather juttis (traditional embellished slippers), crystal-beaded, high-heeled sandals, shoes in India are fun, perky and very enticing as souvenirs of India. Throughout India, traditional artisans make lovely rugs, furniture, pottery, clothing, textiles, boxes, home decor items etc.

Ayurvedic products are deep-rooted in Indian culture and medicine from centuries. From cucumbers to chicken, there is not an edible thing that Indians have not yet pickled. Tangy, spicy, sour and salty, pickles are great remembrances of flavor and colorful India. Boxes of authentic Indian sweets are the sweetest, perfect, inexpensive gifts. That makes the country Incredible India!


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