Transportation Cost in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its extravagant luxurious lifestyle. Dubai has developed from a land of sand dunes to a manmade marvel in past 50 years. Malls, big buildings, beaches and multinational companies, you can these all.

Being a tourist destination, the connectivity and transportation is the most important aspect. Transportation cost in Dubai is different for different modes of travel. Dubai is very well established and there are a variety of options to choose from.

Modes of Transport in Dubai

There are various modes of transport in Dubai which include water transport, land transport, and air transport. Public lands transports are most preferred which includes taxis, cars, buses, metros, monorails, tram etc. Let's explore each option.


Buses are most convenient and the easiest way of transport in Dubai. All bus stops have a route map in English and the buses too have information displayed. Payment for using the buses can be made in the form of prepaid NOL card. Bus fares mostly range from 4 to 5 AED for going from one destination to another.

  • It is very economic.
  • They operate 24 hours a day
  • Anytime and everywhere
  • The destinations and directions on the bus are written in Arabic and English for all commuters.


Metro is also under RTA (Road Transport Authority) of Dubai. Since the rules are strict here no food is allowed while travelling. Metros are mostly driverless and operate from morning until 11 pm on weekdays and little late for weekends. On Friday mornings, it is closed. You can pay with NOL cards for the metros too.

  • Fastest way to reach to your destination.
  • Available from morning till late in night

Taxi and Car Rentals

Dubai has smooth and wide roads to drive. Getting a car on a rental basis is also possible. But you need to pay the toll tax. There are special prepaid cards and stickers (Salik services) given to cars for online payment of tolls otherwise the fines are imposed. The car rental can vary from 39AED for a day to a higher value depending on the car.

Taxis are another reliable means of transport. The taxi works on metre which is strictly applicable to all cab drivers. The government has also made an app to locate the pickup for the taxi. Taxi fares range between 20AED to 50AED depending upon the distance travelled.

  • Easily available.
  • Traceable.
  • Online payment possible.

Water transport

Abras and water taxis are another means of transport in Dubai. They are not too heavy on pocket and run at the places where road transport is not available or during heavy traffic.

  • Economic
  • Alternative to road transport

Handy Tip: The most convenient way of transport will be buses and metros as they are also budget friendly. And they help to bring down the cost of living. Taxi is a better option if you are travelling late nights.

A table is given below for an approximate estimate of one way trips to nearby locations for all modes of transport available in Dubai.

Modes of Transport Approximate Fares (in AED)
Buses 4.1
Taxi 20-40 (single trip)
Metro 1.8 to 5.6 (single trip)
Tram 3 (for <3Km)
Abras 2
Monorails 15 (single trip)

Cost of Living in Dubai

Dubai felt expensive few years back compared to now. But people can now easily sustain if they manage their finances better. Dubai has a wide range of hotels and stay options suitable for all ranges. Many of them provide all the basic facilities inclusive of the package.

On a city tour you can use public transports instead of renting a car wherever possible as it will lower your cost of living in Dubai and you can explore more with more budget friendly plans. The meals of Dubai are also available in all ranges.


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