Transportation Cost in India

With extensive and still increasing urbanization and Indian government initiatives, the metropolitan cities have the best transportation system available. The public transport is handy and is very frequent. Thus transportation cost in India is very economic. It is cheaper than other countries like USA, UK etc.

As Indian geography allows, water, land and air all three types of transports are available and extensively used as the increasing demand. Every year millions of funds are invested in improving and adding more facilities to transportation. The upcoming 30 years can see the implementation of metro rails, light rails, and sky buses.

Modes of Transport in India

You will find numerous modes of transport in India like bicycle, two wheeler, car, taxi, rickshaw, tumtum, tanga, bus, train, metro, ferry, airplane etc. But we will be discussing here the metro cities of India like Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai.

Taxis and Cars

With the recent entrepreneurship in India, taxi and car rental and car sharing services like Uber, Ola, Meru etc are now available everywhere in the metro cities. There are public taxis which are mostly yellow and black in colour. Its cost may range from Rs.100 to 200 for 4 to 7km trips. You can even rent a car for Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 per day.

  • Easily available
  • Online apps available for online booking
  • Online payment and discount coupons available
  • Convenient as provide pick up and drop services for 24 hrs.


One of the popular modes of transport in India. Pass facility is available for unlimited trips of local buses which come up to Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 depending upon the distance to be travelled. There are private travellers like Volvo, Sky bus etc. which goes intercity and it costs around Rs.400 to Rs.800 depending on the distance

  • Monthly pass facility is available
  • Economic

Trains and Metros

Trains are for mass transport. It is most preferred transport between two states or long routes as it is fast and most frequent. Some cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi use metros. which are fastest, clean and comfortable. All the routes are described in English and regional language to be easy to understand. Metro tickets are cheap and range from Rs.8 to Rs.50 for one way.

  • Faster, comfortable and clean
  • Easy ticketing system and very cheap

Handy Tip: The most convenient way of transport will be buses and metros as they run from early in the morning till dawns and are also budget friendly. Renting a personal vehicle is a preferred option for its convenience offered.

Summarizing the cost of transportation in India, a table is given below for an approximate estimate of nearby trips (15 - 20 km) for all modes of transport available in India.

Modes of Transport Approximate Fares (in INR)
Two wheeler Petrol ~ Rs.70/Litre
Rikshaw Rs.70 to Rs.150
Bus (AC) Rs.60
Bus (Non AC) Rs.20
Metro Rs.8 - Rs.50
Ferry Rs.85 - Rs.150 (conditions apply)
Local Train Rs.20 - Rs.25
Taxi Rs.100 - Rs.300

Cost of Living in India

Living expenses in India are very less. Hotels stay charges from a range of Rs.4000 for 3 to 5 star hotels and are on an expensive side, though. Cost of living in India can also be controlled by choosing right means of transport which are already cheaper than in many countries.

The food centres/stalls are available in almost every lane of a city which is very economic and serves different kinds of dishes. Compared with many other countries India is light on your budget and saves you a lot of money for the services.


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