Transportation Cost in Singapore

Singapore public transport is the lifeline of this place. For every country or city transportation is a huge point of concern. The Ministry of transportation takes extra measures to make the public transport easier and the transportation cost in Singapore inexpensive as it is well recognized and a preferred tourist destination. Singapore has emerged as a winner to resolve public transportation issues. There are special facilities which tourists can avail during their stay in Singapore which we talk about in due course.

Being a tourist destination, the connectivity and transportation is the most important aspect. Transportation cost in Dubai is different for different modes of travel. Dubai is very well established and there are a variety of options to choose from.

Modes of Transport in Singapore

Land transit is the common means of transport whereas the island city is connected to other islands by the means of ferry boats and airways too. The available and popular modes of transport in Singapore are trains, buses and taxi. Even special tourist cards are also available which are especially designed for the tourist commute which offers less than 10$ of unlimited travel by MRT systems and bus networks.


Another modern mode of transportation Singapore MRT system i.e. Mass Rapid Transit system. MRT stations are equipped with readable maps and instructions. For single tickets it is easy to go for the ticket machines and for multiple trips it is preferred to use reloadable EZ cards.

  • You can reach your desired location in a blink.
  • Maps and instructions are given in English.
  • Easy ticketing system.

Air Transport

Air transport is also available. The famous Changi Airport is the busiest airports in Asia.

  • People travel for business, tourism etc.


Taxi service in Singapore is yet another popular means of transport. The fares are well maintained so that it is not expensive for daily commuters. Roads are well maintained and the government takes great initiatives in the maintenance of roads to make it a delight to travel. Taxi surcharge may vary depending on the company which provides this taxi service and during the peak hours. You can always ask them the fare before you start your ride.

  • The taxi drivers are well mannered and are ready to help.
  • Always available in the city.

Light Rail

Light rail service is also good and an enjoyable experience.

Till the year 2021 the Ministry of transportation in Singapore is planning to invest and double the MRT line and increase cycling paths and seaports.

Handy Tip: Taxis are the most convenient and easily available mode of transport.

A table is given below for an approximate estimate of one way trips to nearby locations for all modes of transport available in Singapore.

Modes of Transport Approximate Fares (in S$)
MRT 1.40 - 2.50
Taxi 20-40 (50% surcharge during nights)

Cost of Living in Dubai

Dubai felt expensive few years back compared to now. But people can now easily sustain if they manage their finances better. Dubai has a wide range of hotels and stay options suitable for all ranges. Many of them provide all the basic facilities inclusive of the package.

On a city tour you can use public transports instead of renting a car wherever possible as it will lower your cost of living in Dubai and you can explore more with more budget friendly plans. The meals of Dubai are also available in all ranges.


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