Transportation Cost in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place surrounded by awestruck beaches at one end and mountains on the other end. This beautiful scenic beauty makes Thailand one of the best tourist destinations. In the midst of this beautiful city there is a booming commerce. Travelling to such a place is always a great opportunity. Talking about the travel, let’s evaluate the transportation cost in Thailand as it has almost all means of transport.

Modes of Transport in Thailand

There are various types of modes of transport in Thailand for everyday commute like trains, buses, sky railways, two wheelers and three wheelers etc.


The best and cheapest means of transport found in all parts of Thailand.

  • Available everywhere and economic.
  • Available in Air-conditioned as well as non air-conditioned.


These are the type of mass transportation services, metros and other local rail transports. These are an easy way to beat the traffic and reach your destined place faster.

  • Available in cities.
  • Very economic and time saving.


They are three wheelers taking 2 to 3 passengers together at a time. If negotiated well, these cans are the economic way to reach your destination.

  • Oldest and common transport available
  • Tourists’ attraction.


Both domestic and international flights are operated from Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are economic as well as expensive flights available from several service providers.

  • Different service operators to choose from


Some places are good to go using water transport. In rural areas boats are used to the fullest and they are cheap; but in cities, boats might cost more as another tourist attraction.

  • Cheap commute in rural areas.

Handy Tip: Cost effective ways of intercity travelling in the country are trains, buses and TukTuk (a three-wheeler vehicle).

The table below shows more about the pricing of transportation in Bangkok for all available modes to transport. On an average, a single trip costs 20 to 24 TBH that on converting becomes 1$ to 2$.

Modes of Transport Approximate Fares (in AED)
Buses 6.5 to 20
Taxis 20 to 150
TukTuk 30
BTS/MRT 20-40

Cost of Living in Thailand

The city is full of life. A stay of more than a week is recommended to explore and witness the beauty of the place. The cost of living in Thailand is not expensive as that also depends on the choices you make. Though you have a backpack and plan on not spending too much on the trip or whether you are visiting with an aspiration to witness the luxury of the place.

Normally the hotels charge 100 to 500 TBH per night and starts from 1000 TBH for a multi starrer hotel. The city has good street food to offer so one meal can cost up to 30 to 50 TBH whereas a meal in restaurants may charge from 100 TBH to 300 TBH. On an average, the transportation cost in Thailand will go up till 20 USD per day for a daily commute.

Thailand has lots of activities and adventures to offer and at very affordable prices.


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