Internship Mauritius

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I feel honored to be taking the lead at Preadi International as Founder and CEO. After interacting with people from all across the globe and spending quite a few years in the west, I realized that India still needs to be introduced globally when it comes to education and learning.

I am very proud to launch our industry oriented courses and diplomas in collaboration with Starex University. The aim of these courses is to give the exposure at International level so as to prepare the students for challenges at global level and increase their expertise in the respective area to help them gain competitive advantage.

After receiving a first-class response from candidates across the world in International Internships from the past five years, I am proud to announce that in the year 2018 we collaborated with Starex University for first of its kind unique programs to maintain a perfect balance between practical knowledge and International exposure. We believe in bridging the gap between Indian and International work culture. This would not only help the Indian Students to acquire international work experience but also Cross-cultural and professional values.

I look forward to welcome you all to experience the transformation in education and strive for true success.