Automotive Engineer


Automotive Engineering is one of the many streams of engineering that deals with the building of automobiles. It is a combination of mechanical, electrical engineering and material science. The engineers in the Jobs of Automotive Engineering work in building and designing of new vehicles whether it is cars or motor bike. They are also involved in the complete stage of workings right from planning to building the end product.

Engineering is one of the potential fields for today’s youth laying across a myriad of opportunity to unleash in the field. While electrical, mechanical and IT are some of the most popular engineering streams, automotive engineering is the latest one growing in prominence amongst candidates. More students are opting forAutomotive Engineering Jobs with the lieu of building their career in the particular field.

The works of an Automotive Engineer involves designing plan, manufacturing, distribution, building marketing techniques for different products and services, managing sales and after-sales of automobiles such as cars (also racing cars), bikes, and other commercial vehicles. Engineers are required to work on the aesthetics and oversee the technical aspect of the vehicle which includes tracking its performance. This also involves gaining knowledge of the electronics and software that goes into making of the modern vehicles.

What are the responsibilities of an Automotive Engineer?

Below listed are the required responsibilities that make the necessary criterion in availing the Jobs in Automotive Engineering:

  • Engineers will be required to assess and oversee the essential requirements for the project.
  • Assist the team in developing prototypes of the components involved for carrying out different tests.
  • Offer assistance to other staff in the process of developing and implementing the essential test procedures.
  • Interpreting and generating analysis of the results acquired along with the necessary data.
  • Offer assistance in organizing and conducting important tests. For eg: checking whether the engines will run in different conditions including high temperatures.
  • Assist managers in sourcing components for vehicles and choosing the best suited materials for using in the working of the automotive.
  • Offering answers to technical queries of the clients.
  • Conducting investigation and indulging in problem-solving for eg: mechanical failures.
  • Hold proficiency in producing designs developed using special computer software.
  • Working in liaison with suppliers
  • Writing and editing reports along with documentations
  • Build improvements in the vehicle design in lines of feedback acquired from the customers.
  • Giving presentations
  • Conducting research using relevant sources.

Major Employers

Major employers of automotive engineers include vehicle manufacturers. Other typical employers include the following:

  • Oil and Fuel Companies.
  • Tyre Manufacturers.
  • Test and Research Laboratories.
  • Suppliers.
  • Motor Sport teams.
  • Companies involved in generating specialist design vehicles.

What are the key skills required for seeking jobs in automotive for becoming eminent automotive engineers?

Below listed are the necessary skills required in seeking Automotive Engineering Jobs. These are as follows:

  • Must have commercial awareness
  • Should be creative
  • Must hold good presentation skills
  • Must have attention to details
  • Have the ability of working as a team
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills

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