Best International Internships Program 2019

Best International Internships Program 2019

While most of the students enter the New Year going back to their school, others are taking their first dive in the world of civility with best internship opportunities. Also, the best part about it is they get paid for the same.

Why scroll down on social media to check endless travel photos when you could fulfill your desired goals? Better for you, there are various options available to explore the world through international internships program for college graduates.

Marketing Internships in Dubai

If you are living closer to royalty and getting a chance to drink fresh coconuts every day, then go for this opportunity. Dubai hires interns on a regular basis. Most of the packages include lunches during the time of work, free airfare and housing. Too good to be true!

Work with the children in Thailand

Increase your network with paid internships in Thailand. The internship opportunities in Thailand are just like the plentiful noodle bowl. The place let you work with children while giving you the monthly stipend along with the bonus. Change the lives of the people by gaining the best experience in Shanghai.

Hotel Management intern in Singapore

Mouth-watering wine, best vibes, and diets filled with carbs will be on top of your internship. You’ll have to serve coffee first but even if you do it, it will be legit cortados and espresso rather than caramel macchiatos. Paid internships in Singapore ranges from business and fashion to banking and tourism.

With placement in Singapore, you’ll get the opportunity to work in a dynamic start-up, where you’ll make presentations and get the support of senior managers. You might even get the permanent job after the end of the program.

Skiing in Malaysia

You read that right; one of the best international internships program at a ski resort could be yours. You’ll get paid to ski every day and finish off your day with a hot bowl of egg ramen. You’ll get trained first, qualified and then start working in one season which will improve your skiing by learning from the top trainers. The bonus is you’ll also get the tips, salary, accommodation and maybe the job offer. What can be better than this?

Hospitality & Culinary internships

Do you have a passion for helping others? If yes, then get your passport and sunscreen ready because Singapore is the place where you should be. The internship opportunities offer you the experience and they are paid for college students.

If you are choosing this as your destination, make sure to commit at least minimum for 2 months.

Internship in India

The beautiful smell of baguettes, and chocolates will greet you every day during your period of an intern in India. The companies provide paid international internships program ranging from multinationals to techs and NGO.

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