A Beginners Guide To College Summer Internships In India

A Beginners Guide To College Summer Internships In India

From past few years, the market of internship in India has undergone a revolution. Gone are those days when the internship was a privilege for the people from top colleges and had to be facilitated by the placement cells and colleges. Also, gone are the days when internships were done for free.

Today, most of the students are getting their first job before turning 21. On the other hand, there are various start-ups who look for talented interns on a daily basis. Internship works well with the start-up companies as they have the low paying capacity and uncertain future. Here are the few steps that will help a student land internships of their choice.

Start early

Start looking for the internship five to eight months in advance and realize the value of it early in life. Imagine having two to three internships on your resume till you reach the final year of your college. Though there are even 11th and 12th students who look for the https://www.pursueasia.com/indiasummer internships with start-ups.

Know about your interests

Talk to your seniors, read about the internship stories from the students, attend conferences and seminars as many as possible and follow blogs. The other option is to go through the descriptions related to internships and go with the ones that sound exciting and worth to try.

Etiquettes to drop an email

Most of the recruiters and employers mostly complaint that interns don’t know how to write professional emails. You could ask someone professional or elder one in your family to advice on how to write an e-mail or follow the guidelines given online. Above all, you can also use customized letter services which can be availed easily from the internet.

Build a CV

Nowadays, employers look for students with skills. This doesn’t mean you’ll not need any new skills during the time of internship in India but you need to have the better experience in the areas chosen by you. Various things can be done to boost your resume. While in college teach yourself, work on different projects, volunteer, invest in what you like and make a great college presentation.

Use social platforms

Particularly, LinkedIn is best to connect with the HR managers or founders of the start-up where you want to intern. Don’t just follow blindly, make sure to write a short description on why they hire you as an intern. LinkedIn also offers one-month membership for free which can be used for direct communication with the employers.


About 2% of students who have applied for summer internships follow-up ever with the recruiters on the application status. As a result, they have an edge over 98% of people who don’t do that. Following-up sincerely shows genuine desire to do an internship. You can take a follow-up by sending e-mail four to five days after the first one and another one after a week. If still there’s no reply from the side of the employer/recruiter, keep calm and carry on to find another internship with the application somewhere else.

It is essential to do internships for the better professional life ahead.

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