Business Development/ Entrepreneurship


Business development Jobs includes the process of developing and implementing opportunities for growth within organizations and between companies. It is the creation of a long-term relationship between markets and customers.

Business development is a comprehensive field that blends strategizing, analyzing, marketing and sales. Thus, professionals working in this niche can be involved in every aspect at one time right from developing the skills of developing products, services to that of creating newer strategies for boosting marketing. Their duties may also correspond to generating a sales lead, carrying on negotiations and closing deals.

As a business intern, you will be required to hone certain skills that will aid to assess the company’s portfolio and offer a competitive ground in the market. They will be involved in generating ways for expanding the services and products offered to the consumers. The expansion is usually carried out in scenarios that are sales-oriented or involves an operational role for maximizing the relationship between existing and potential consumers. Professionals in this niche have years of experience in managing financial services, management consulting, investment banking. However, as an intern of business development, the primary focus will be generating leads, analyzing opportunities for partnership, and marketing thereby rendering the candidates a lucrative platform for learning about business ethics.

For availing the business internship program, the candidates are required to be well-rounded, business-minded youth who have the skill of evaluating the strengths and weakness of a business. The intern must be able to assess the reason of loss, suggest ways for improving sales and ways for rewarding top performing sales personnel. Gaining a good experience in business development readies professionals for managing leadership roles. Pursue Asia’s internship provide the exact platform for professionals to enter the international market considering the vast skill set they offer. In addition, the absolute internship will further aid in expanding your horizon.

Business Development Responsibilities

Jobs in Business Development expert, you must have three primary responsibilities

  • Identify sale leads
  • Pitch for new products/ services
  • Maintain strong relationship with present consumers.
  • For generating daily leads, the duties would include:
  • Conducting research of organizations and individuals online (through social media).
  • Identify new markets and potential customers
  • Analyze the business needs of other organizations and their decision making
  • Contact potential customers via phone, email. Establish rapport, set meetings
  • Plan and oversee new marketing initiatives
  • Attend conferences, meetings and other events of the industry.

In aspects of actual sales, the duties include:

  • Generating powerpoint presentation and display of sales
  • Inform clients about the latest development in the products
  • Develop proposals and quotes
  • Negotiate via phone, email and directly
  • Set sales goals for the team and work on meeting them.
  • Train personnel
  • Work as a team and hone their skills.

Communicating with clients and customers is the crux of any business. Thus, as a business development intern, you will be required to have good socialization skills. Whether it's carrying simple chats on the phone, organizing events, conferences ensure to keep customers happy with the service. The duties also include documentation that makes a big part of office work. The Business Development Jobs requirecandidates to write reports and offer feedback to the upper officials about what is working and what isn’t.

Business Development Executive Skills

For availing internship Jobsin Business Development, you must hold the following skills:

  • Should be socially adept
  • Good with calculations
  • Leadership skills to manage a large team of sales.
  • The skills required to excel in this position include:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluency in IT
  • Creative and problem-solving abilities
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry and current events
  • Work in deadlines
  • Prioritize projects and handle tasks
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management and good organization skills.

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