Customer Service


Customer Service is the dimension of business that provisions services to customers before, after and during the sale of products or service. The Jobs in Customer Service opportune candidates in clearing the queries, communicating and building a professional bond with the customers for the long-term profit of businesses.

With growing businesses and the world turning into a global village the need for a sector that offers after service for customers has become more prominent. It has become the need of the hour for helping the candidates who wish to pursue the field of customer service with proper training so as to make them market ready is of utmost importance.

Internship Jobs in Customer Service renders the individuals a platform to polish their skills and prepare themselves for the sector. One can avail for the internship with a myriad of companies in the service sectors that includes software company, banking, telecom company and much more. A customer service internship provisions the candidates with the practical and complete knowledge of customer service solving issues related to the service industry.

The responsibilities of interns during the internship program include greeting and meeting clients, understanding the queries posted and requests laid, forwarding complaints to the senior management, processing the requested. The duties also include attending training sessions which are peculiarly designed for Jobs in Customer Service associates aiding them to perform the administrative tasks with finesse assigned to them by the customer service managers.

Internship Jobs in Customer Service is offered to candidates who are pursuing studies in a customer service-oriented field including operations, retails and other such. Being proficient with customer care skills is an essential criterion for students. The internship can be both paid as well as unpaid. Often the internship programs in customer service are of a full-time position. However, certain organizations can offer part-time opportunities too.

What are the Job Roles of a Customer Service Intern?

It includes:

  • Attracting potential customers by answering queries related to their product and services.
  • Suggest data about other product and services.
  • Help in opening customer accounts by recording their account information.
  • Continuously upgrading the account information.
  • Resolving problems related to the product or service by clarifying the complaints of the customer. The responsibility also includes devising the cause of the problem, selecting and explaining the best-suited solution of the query.
  • Correcting or making adjustments as well as conducting a regular follow-up to ensure the query is met.
  • Managing and maintaining data of financial accounts by carrying on the processing of customer adjustments. Offering potential services and products for the management by gathering customer information and evaluating consumer needs.
  • Preparing service and product reports by gathering and evaluating customer data.
  • Contributing to the effort of the team by accomplishing all the information related to the results needed.

What are the key skills required?

Individuals applying for customer service internship program must hone the following skills:

  • Product Knowledge.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge of Market.
  • Documentation Skills.
  • Multi-tasking and ability to analyze information.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Focus on Quality.
  • Good communication skills including listening and phone skills.
  • Resolving conflicts.

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