• Q1

    Is International Internship Program open to applicant from all Nationalities?

    Yes, International Internship Program is open to applicants from all nationalities, though visa requirements might differ according to the countries.

  • Q2

    What is the required qualification for International Internship Program?

    The candidate must be enrolled or have completed a degree program from a recognised University. Most of the companies use English as their preferred language for all sort of communication. The companies are looking for candidate with strong academic background, interest in International exposure, and willing to learn more about different culture and business etiquettes.

  • Q3

    Is the registration fee additional to the total fees?

    There's is no additional fee to the total package amount but the fee is paid in breaks at different stages. The query can be dropped at info@pursueasia.com for further discussion.

  • Q4

    What about my Visa for International Internship Program?

    You can email your passport scans at info@pursueasia.com. After which you would be contacted by our visa team and they would help you further with the process.

  • Q5

    What would be the ideal time to register?

    Usually companies take 6-10 weeks to revert on the application so it is advised to register 3 months prior to your interning term.

  • Q6

    Where will I stay during the internship?

    The accommodation is included in the program fees. The candidate would be placed in a comfortable, fully serviced apartment or in a 3-5 star hotel with all modern amenities. Check out the Accommodation Services provided by PursueAsia for more information.

  • Q7

    Do I have to share my room?

    The candidate would be sharing it with one more candidate (of same gender) who would be enrolled in the same Internship Program

  • Q8

    Are the meals included in the program fees?

    India: Yes, the meals are included in the program fees, the candidate would be served breakfast and dinner which would be Multi-Cuisine and from the hotel you would be staying in. Dubai: Only the breakfast will be provided. Singapore: No meals are included in the package.

  • Q9

    Whom can I contact in case of any problem during my stay?

    In the unlikely event that you may encounter, your first point of contact would be PursueAsia staff that would be available round the clock in the accommodation facility and can be reached through the Emergency Contact Guide that shall have all the important numbers. Easy access to our Contacts which will be happy to help you 24 X 7 .

  • Q10

    Is there any vaccination required before I come to India/Dubai/Singapore?

    India: There are some vaccinations which are advised for India like Tetanus, Hepatitis. It is recommended to consult a General Physician/ Doctor. Dubai: Vaccination is not required though it is recommended to consult a General Physician/ Doctor before travelling. Singapore: It is recommended to consult a General Physician/Doctor before travelling.

  • Q11

    What about my local transportation?

    We have taken care of your travel needs. PursueAsia will take care of the airport pick-up and drop, and the local transportation, daily commute back and forth from the place of internship. No personal vehicles are permitted in Dubai and Singapore. You can take advantage of chauffeur-driven cars that can be easily hired or booked in India. Refer to the modes transportation available in India, in Dubai and in Singapore.

  • Q12

    Can my Internship lead to permanent employment?

    Yes, there is an optimistic opportunity of getting a full-time employment with the company depending on your on-job performance and the requirements of the company. As interns already have the hands-on experience, and well versed with the organizational structure and its culture, the company may prefer them over other new applicants for being well trained in the company.

  • Q13

    Will I be paid during my internship?

    The companies/organizations may choose to pay the interns according to the minimum national wage norms that prevail in the country. The internships in India are generally unpaid. Some companies at their own may offer a basic stipend. However, most International internships are paid in terms of the valuable experience and exposure gained.