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HR or Human Resource Management is the field that involves managing and putting into use humans as resource. It includes recruitment of new employees, training, handling payment of salaries, solving the queries of staff, mediating between the upper management and staff rendering to staff their duties and meeting the needs of business.

With more and more businesses blooming, the need for HR has grown into prominence. Human Resource or HR Jobsplays an important role in any organization. With the increase in demand, the companies are in look out for appointing efficient HR officials who hold the relevant experience and expertise to manage the daily activities.

Pursue Asia provides a platform for all candidates who aim in pursuing the field of HR opportuning them to explore their skills and gain relevant training as HR trainee. As an HR trainee, the candidates are required to carry on certain duties and responsibilities. The role includes gaining an overall experience in all aspects of HR making them completely ready for the position. Candidates will get to progress up to the officer level when taking up actual Jobs in HR. Herein candidates will be rendered complete portfolio of the departments.

What are the Job Responsibilities of an HR Trainee?

The trainees will be rendered certain responsibilities thereby sharpening their overall skills needed for the position. TheHRJobs responsibility includes:

  • Introducing new staff and freshers to the work environment by rendering them a brief idea about the job.
  • Coordinate with applicants, carry on job interviews and assist them in the preparation of further steps.
  • Offer assistance in evaluating employees.
  • Aid help in processing various issues of employees and take the necessary steps.
  • Take care of employee payments and handle them wisely.
  • Conduct research about the market, the trends, the current practices prevalent and the present trend of salaries in different markets.
  • Responsible for maintaining a cordial environment at work place. They act as a liaison between the upper management and employees by maintaining a healthy communication system.
  • Offer assistance to departmental representatives in answering queries related to HR.
  • Will be required to constantly post, update regularly and remove job advertisements from the job board, listed on career pages and other social networking sites.
  • Must generate reports related to HR as and when needed. These also include building training budgets by different departments.

What are the Job requirements for the position of HR trainee?

The applicants must possess the following for availing a job in the position oftraineeJobs in HR. These include:

  • Should be good listener who gives attention to detail.
  • Must hold a degree in either fields of human resource management, business, psychology and other related fields.
  • Must have effective interpersonal skills so as to communicate efficiently with people in the organization.
  • Having practical experience in the field is an advantageous edge for candidates.
  • Self-motivated who thrive constantly in learning and developing their knowledge and skills surrounding the area of study.

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