Logistics & Supply Chain


Logistics and Supply Chain is an important criterion for global businesses as well as small businesses that is about finding the right product to the right customer in the perfect quantity ensuring the products are in proper condition and delivered on time.

With an increase in competition in the global market, there is more segmentation of departments with the lieu of meeting business needs. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs department are one such essential department of any business that aids in its smooth functioning.

Business planning framework are an important way of ensuring all the products and services reach their stipulated destinations safely, undestroyed and on-time. A supply chain manager is responsible of managing a number of activities. The primary duty includes being in charge of governing the transportation needs are carried out properly.

The entire process of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs include a detailed procedure. These involves a range of professionals who hold expertise in managing the work. Logistics coordinators, truck drivers, warehouse managers and finally dispatch managers. However, job duties of a supply chain and logistics manager is subject to differ based on occupation as well as the products and materials involved.

Job Duties

Following are some of the essential duties required for availing Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs are as follows:

  • Planning warehouses and selecting distribution centres for proper and efficient working of both capacity and operations.
  • Coordinating and tracking movement/ displacement of goods using pathways of logistics.
  • Responsible for organizing transportation duties which includes storing of goods, maintaining all the data securely accrued through various phases of business development i.e. from the starting point of delivery, managing transportation movements and arranging for other necessary services as and when required.
  • Executing logistics plan for moving products and packages so as to ensure they reach the destinations in schedule.
  • Ensuring there is no comprise in the quality of products and services all through the logistics process
  • Conduct a quick review of freight rates, other costs such as that of transportation costs so as to keep the working cost low.

What are the Logistics Skills and Qualifications required?

Applicants opting training,Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs must hone the following skills and qualifications which are as follows:

  • Must have attention to details
  • Have good time management skills
  • Effective and efficient communication skills
  • Should be a team worker who can work effectively with other members.
  • Good organizational skills
  • Should be able to work according to deadlines
  • Hold proficient knowledge of logistics systems and a general understanding of other factors including transportation regulations and limitations.
  • Must hold the ability for contributing to individual goals and meeting the greater goal of the business
  • Skills for framing good plans
  • Have knowledge about the different transportation issues
  • Must hold good understanding of logistics subset (for eg: individuals working in ground transportation must know about the trucking and rail shipments.)
  • Having prior work experience in logistics is an added benefit.
  • Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree qualified from a relevant board.
  • Master’s degree is also often preferred for availing management positions.

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