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Media is the most effective mode of communication in the modern day which utilizes the medium of print, television and online platforms. It is defined as the collective communication of tools for storing and delivering information to the public.

Media Production Jobs is a lucrative medium for gaining prominence and building a good career. An internship Jobs in Media Production lay across to candidates a platform to take up a job in Media, preparing them with the skills required for working in the actual industry.

Job Summary

Pursue Asia offers a platform for all candidates who wish to pursue an internship in the field. Join the host company’s team and unleash your creative skills as a production intern as well as aid them in working for multiple areas related to the production field. As an Intern, you will have to exercise varied abilities, must be able to multi-task that aids in developing new ideas, conduct research and run errands. Interns will be provisioned in building relationships and networking in the industry so as to strengthen the opportunity of finding suitable Media Production Jobs. Interns are provisioned to pursue their graduation along with holding an amazing experience being a part of the production team. The individuals get an opportunity to explore their organizational skills as well as coordinate with the varied aspects of production so as to ensure that all the necessary details are met.

What are the Job Responsibilities of a Media and Production Intern?

The responsibility of an intern that can help in garnering a Jobs in Media Production are as follows:

  • Offer assistance to the production team in developing different stories for film, television, online streaming platform, and many other platforms.
  • Communicate with other writers, managers, directors, and other staff members so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the services and building of the project.
  • Conduct research on topics related to the project using different sources. These can include gaining information from the internet, video archives, library archives and other sources as deemed necessary.
  • Generate and edit videos, its content that is in lines to the guidelines set by the company and their standards qualifying them to post on different online platforms, channels, social media, and YouTube.
  • Carry on other activities including purchase of inventories such as props, supplies, food and other essential things required for the project.
  • Offer assistance to the team as and when needed in different dimensions of production that includes camera editing, sound, lighting and post-production needs.
  • Ensure all the duties are performed in adherence to the request posed to staff, assuring all the tasks are carried out in a manner they meet the required quality of the company.

Skills and Qualifications required for the Job

  • A good hold on communication skills and effective verbal fluency.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Good problem-solving ability.
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited university or college with the ability to gain credit.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Pro CC.
  • Have experience and knowledge of different social media channels.

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