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Can Internship really help you secure a permanent job?

PursueAsia | 23 August 2016

Job aspirants keep on looking for all possible opportunities to stand apart in the selection process of an interview. One of the most viable methods is by taking internships in-between your studies or after graduation as it gives an experience which is not imparted through lectures. Internships make you the ideal candidate to be hired.

A research by NACE shows that 60% chances are there that your internship may turn into a job opportunity. Interns who spend their time in project management and market analysis etc. have good chances of showcasing their skill. The management wants to see the potential of the interns and they will hire them only when the interns add value to the company by their research and projects.

Candidates who complete their internships are considered to be more loyal and their rate of leaving the company in at least five years is less. Companies invest resources and time on grooming the proper candidates for the position. The method of hiring through an internship is very cost effective rather than hiring through mass drives or other processes. So hiring interns by testing him during internships is the best case scenario for the employer as well. In 2015, the intern conversion rate was 51.7% .

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Unpaid Internships - Blessing in Disguise

PursueAsia | 12 May 2016

An internship is an excellent way to get work experience that will definitely strengthen your job applications. But if the same internship is unpaid, how do you decide?

Work experience including internships have become very essential; they are an established stepping-stone to employment for graduates and students starting their careers. Internships are highly beneficial for gaining practical experience through application of theories and processes learnt in text and pave the path for a successful career path. Paid internships can be difficult to procure this being an extremely competitive market.

India, today, is the fastest growing democracy in the world. After the USA, UK, and Canada, the 4th top destination for Business Schools is India as declared by the GMAC. Most internships are paid; however, there are certain industry players and sectors where internships can be unpaid. Unpaid internships might sound exploitative but there are benefits to an unpaid internship, too, if you know how to read in between the lines.

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Best time to apply for an internship

PursueAsia | 03 May 2016

An internship is a first-class label to triumph as most international companies seek employees equipped with state-of-the-art problem-solving skills and adaptability to new cultures and business practices. But what is the best time to apply for an internship?

An internship grooms you better as a future professional by testing your theoretical knowledge in real time scenarios - so starting your search early can give you an edge in this competitive process. Always keep in mind that unlike college programs, there are no standard deadlines for getting an internship.

A good time for the right internship would be to start in the semester prior to your final placement by balancing your academics as well as giving you enough time to build on your contacts, resume and covering letter. For most people and organizations, a considerable amount of work should be done before spring break.

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The evental caption to leading your dream internship!

PursueAsia | 28 January 2016

Do you often dream about an internship that will do more than adding weight to the resume? Then this article is just for you. Get ready to fly as PursueAsia will be the wind beneath your wings - helping you to land an internship with our flagship international internship program. Pursue Asia, a leading name in India, Dubai & Singapore when it comes to providing internships with the best of domestic and multi-national companies.

An internship is the building block for the future and that is why it is so important to ensure that you make your internship count and that your internship helps you achieve your dream. We, at PursueAsia, have been helping students land their dream internship where they not only learn about the industry, but also network with fellow interns and get a chance to be mentored by the best in the industry. We offer internship across sectors like - Law, Engineering, Hotel Management, Fashion Designing, Marketing and Supply chain, Telecommunications, Accounting, Computer Science, Marketing, Human resource among many others.

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British Students to fly in the Asian sky

PursueAsia | 30 January 2015

PursueAsia, a start-up firm, has come into existence to simplify the complex road that emerges after graduation, commonly known as practical experience. As the world constantly engages in improvising on available theories with a pounding curiosity for new inventions and discoveries, the education sector keeps on expanding. With a perception like this, Mr Aaditya Dadhich, the CEO of PursueAsia, started this internship based firm recognizing the relevance of work experience before taking on the real job. With customized internships all over Asia, MR. Dadhich made it comfortable for students to simply pack their bags and fly over to a different country without the worry of accommodation, food, travel, visa, etc. As a start-up PursueAsia got over 25 successful signups from UK alone. What made the firm shine brighter was the feedback it received from its interns. While the firm got multiple compliments and earned titles like being the "local guardian", the constructors of PursueAsia were ascertained about their satisfactory services.

What continues to keep us motivated are the many testimonials we received from our interns with delightful statements like, "My experience with Pursue Asia so far has been great. I had learn about construction work, about how to set up transformers and also on desk work. I could actually relate my work with my final year project. India is a safe place." Pursue Asia designs distinguished international internships for the future of the world (younger generation), exposing them to the continent that boasts about its varied culture - Asia. While most western economies faced a major setback due to the global financial crisis, it was the continent of Asia that took the global financial crisis in its stride and headed towards positive progress. PursueAsia brings the together culture and progression in the form of internships by endeavoring to secure a brighter future for students across the globe, while they gain sight of their success as Asia sculpts their talents.

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