Public Relations


Public Relations can be defined as the field that includes management of spreading information between the public and the organization. It can include anything from business, government agency, non-profit organization or individuals. It mainly involves creating awareness for the public without any actual costs included, unlike marketing and advertising. Jobs in Public Relations render candidates the ability to create campaigns, write news releases, work with the press, arrange for meetings and much more so as to build a positive reputation.

Public Relations Jobs has garnered a lot of limelight in recent years considering the growing competition in different sectors. It makes up an important aspect that aids in image building thereby creating a positive response to the product or service. Thus, more and more students are opting for the field which makes up an essential part of media and relations.

Pursue Asia brings in the opportunity for candidates to build their career in the field of Public Relations by offering our internship programs with eminent companies. A public relation specialist makes up the entry-level position in the media. As a public relation professional one is expected to manage a myriad of tasks and responsibilities. They are responsible for offering support to the PR department and work with the seniors. They are required to perform a number of tasks so as to maintain and enhance the public perception as well as the image of the client. The work comprises of working for internal and external audiences.

What are the duties and responsibilities of Public Relations Interns?

An intern is expected to carry on the following duties and responsibilities for gaining Jobs in Public Relations. They are as follows:

  • Must provide assistance in matters of execution of all PR strategies laid by the company
  • Must offer a strategic input as well as feedback on marketing initiatives
  • Must offer suggestions in bringing about innovative ideas for building engaging content
  • Offer assistance in managing the content across different social media websites and platforms
  • Must build long term cordial relationships with all the stakeholders
  • Create media announcements and content for press releases
  • Manage media lists and update the databases regularly
  • Offer assistance in scheduling and coordinate different events
  • Must conduct market research and perform market analysis
  • Manage other administrative duties

What are the necessary requirements and qualifications required for the Public Relations Internship program?

Below listed are the necessary requirements and qualifications essential for availing Public Relations Jobs. These are:

  • Must be passionate about working in the PR industry with sound knowledge of the sector
  • Should hold a proficient understanding of copywriting and editing
  • Hold relevant experience in handling different social media platform comprising of Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Must hold attention to details
  • Have the aptitude in presentation skills as well as a good hold over public speaking
  • Must have excellent communication skills both written as well as verbal skills, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Should have effective organizational and time management skills
  • Must be currently pursuing their degree in either field of B.Sc./ BA in PR, journalism, communication or any similar field.

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