Singapore is also known as the Republic of Singapore is one amongst the sovereign city-state and Island country in the South Asian region. It comprises of one main island along with 62 island islets. Singapore is known as one of the most sought regions for employment considering its cosmopolitan working ethics, myriad of opportunities. It is also referred to as the most successful economies across the globe.

Internship In Singapore

A global internship in Singapore will create a lasting impression on the employers when applying to organizations after your graduation. Employers will give importance to you, as they begin to see a lot more diverse compared to other students with no international internship on their resumes.

So, why completing your summer internship in Singapore plays a crucial role in your career?

Let’s find out:-

  • You get to work in a professional environment and doing so helps you gain experience you need to rise and shine.
  • Interns are always treated as a potential candidate when it comes to hiring someone with skills, knowledge and experience in the industry.
  • An internship in Singapore will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.
  • You make relevant contacts in the industry that can benefit you eventually.
  • You learn how to manage time so that you can participate in meetings, meet the required deadlines and do other vital tasks.

Singapore, also called “The Lion City”, happens to be not only one of the most developing countries in the world, but it is also Asia’s major business hub. Students don’t think twice when it comes to opting for summer internships in Singapore, as they help you shape their career in the most effective way.

The country is quite a paradox to its size. Though occupying a minuscule area in the globe, Singapore is counted among the four Asian tiger economies in addition to Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. It raised to prominence during the 2nd half of the 20th century wherein it witnessed a sporadic growth. There are various factors that designated Singapore to be the most lucrative choice among graduates. It is known for being the safest country also known for its high efficiency. Considering its high quality of life, welcoming culture it has turned into a hotspot for job seekers across the globe.

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    My internship has kept me quite busy. I have enjoyed a lot in India.

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    It's an experience that no one can actually imagine. It was amazing! PursueAsia really looks after you.

Language Requirement

Singapore consists of four official languages including Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, and English spoken by major population. For those who have a better hold over English language, then it’s a lucrative ground for employment as one will not face much trouble in communicating. It is also the official language for business and education. In case English is not your native language, then one may have to prove their proficiency in another language for work purpose.

The scenario of Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is a free-economy which is listed among the least corrupted country in the world. The unemployment rate ranks the lowest at 2.2% (as of 2017). It’s a transport hub to South Asia, houses the busiest port in the world and plays a vital role in exports.

The workforce of Singapore is a blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese workforce who total to 1,10,000 expatriates. Some of the major industries include:

  • • Shipping
  • • Electronics
  • • Finance
  • • Life Sciences
  • • Chemical
  • • Oil Drilling
  • • Food and beverages
  • • Media and communications

Apart from the ones listed above, the country has also witnessed a major growth in the sectors of IT, software engineering and finance rendering opportunities to foreign graduates in over 7,000 MNCs in the country. Although the country has brought about reforms in order to release the country’s dependence on foreign labor, Singapore still remains an open market that openly welcomes international workforce recruited at the graduate level.

The work environment in Singapore

The business hours in Singapore operate between 9 am in the morning to evening 6 pm. The country follows a five-day working ethic from Monday to Friday. However, some companies may also be working half day on Saturdays.The business hours in Singapore operate between 9 am in the morning to evening 6 pm. The country follows a five-day working ethic from Monday to Friday. However, some companies may also be working half day on Saturdays.


Employees receive a total of seven to fourteen days of holiday. This depends on the hours of service and position. In addition, employees get an overall of 11 public holidays and eight additional holidays for major festivals.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Singapore is comparatively higher in comparison to other Asian countries. However, the country also offers competitive salaries. For more information visit the site of Singaporean Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Employment Practices.

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The career fields listed on the website are just a sample of what is available. Even if you don't see what you're looking for, doesn't mean that it's not a possibility. Think about what kind of work you would like to partake in and where your interests lie. Want to find out all your opportunities? Inquire now and one of our knowledgeable Admissions Counselors will get in contact with you.

What to Expect From Your Internship Program in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most preferred places for the internship, as it gives much-needed experience to the students in diverse fields. Internships are a great way to kick-start to your career. They get to learn extensively about the industry they are going to be part of eventually.

Along with your fellow interns on the program, you will also connect with local professionals in your career field at your internship placement, as well as those in the broader community through our career and social events. You’ll find the work atmosphere is much more casual in Barcelona than many other global cities. Dress codes are rarely formal, and the organizational structure of many companies is not very hierarchical. It’s also a welcoming, inclusive culture where most colleagues eat meals together which helps interns acclimate to their new team and get to spend time learning about the local culture. Since lunch is late in the day (around 2 pm) and dinner is as well (typically 9-10pm) most people take time after work to enjoy a stroll, work out, go to the market, and wind down.

So, what can you expect from your internship program in Dubai?

Here are a few pointers as to what you can expect from your internship program in Dubai:

  • You will be provided with several tasks to deal with.
  • All the learning at the professional will prepare you immensely for the professional world.
  • Doing a good job means that the company will absorb you.
  • Some internships get you a low stipend to begin with, while others don’t pay at all.
  • You get to build contacts with professionals.

These internships can be regarded as the beginning point for those students or applicants who have experience next to none, or little in the field they have chosen for themselves.

Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Pursue Asia, we truly understand the indispensable role played by an internship for all participants who express their joy for having been accepted into internship programs. So, we assure all of them of a quality internship that will help them shape their career in the most effective way.

It is important for anyone seeking admission into the program to know that it’s stringently based on a fine blend of relevant college or any work accomplished at the university level. Not only that, but admission is also based on the number of years of work experience gained and finally, evaluation of their maturity level, aside from expressing curiosity for a professional experience they will be gaining overseas.

We value all our applicants and to ensure that they stand out from the crowd in the years to come, we put emphasis on having a one-on-one meeting. Doing so enables us to comprehend their skills and talents, so that they can be utilized to the best of their abilities. We discuss what their expectations from the internship program are.

Once we have grasped everything we needed to know about the applicants, such as academic background, language proficiency, career goals, and long-term expectations for their time in a fabulous city like Barcelona, we thoroughly assist them in getting absorbed in a progressive work environment that will serve them with realistic work experience.

Once we are done finding a suitable match, the supervisor will conduct an interview with all interns either by phone or via Skype. This interview plays a vital role before the placement can be offered to the intern. So, when you show up at the destination and get started with your chosen internship program, we will support you in every possible way accentuating on the fact that you get the most out of your placement, which comprises on-site check-ins as well as coaching. Doesn’t it sound convincing enough?

Pursue Asia Career Readiness Program

The award-winning Global Career Readiness Program is included in all the programs. It consists of coaching and experience, other than assessment. That way it helps students establish a connection between their experience gained academically and their intense desire to achieve success. We stringently follow an approach based on every student’s strength and pay attention to all students, so that we can help them realize their true potential and find a suitable career they are eagerly looking to.

Your Experience Advisor

Pursue Asia was born out of an idea that led a group of enthusiastic people bitten by wanderlust long ago to establish this institution. With relevant experience under their belts, these devoted travellers don’t think twice when it comes to working with participants. The expert team behind the inception of Pursue Asia not only encourages, but also helps each participant to get going for living as well as pursuing their internship overseas.

We are aware that moving to a city, where participants will take time to get acquainted with the locals and culture they have never explored before, is a drastic step in itself. So, every day while going to work they will get up close and personal with new faces and soaking themselves in the unique culture. And, that’s exactly where your program advisor and location coordinator will guide you through your new experience you will be gaining in the new place, aside from taking good care of you from the day you get started with this program until you’re on your way home.

These advisors have a helping nature, so they will go to any lengths to gear you up for the experience that will add a new dimension to your life. Maybe you need help in travel bookings, visa requirements, credit and financing questions pertaining to your academics, they will be there to lend you a helping hand at every step of the way. You may even have concerns about starting your life in a new city. Besides, they will also help you get familiar with others in the program, so you will have people to talk to when you reach the location. What a great way to give a kick start to your weekend travel planning?

Travel Support

Included in your program are many essential travel services to help your experience be as easy as possible so you can focus on enjoying your new home and rocking your internship.

    Program Inclusions

  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency support on location
  • Visa processing support
  • Partnership with STA Travel for discounted and group flights
  • Social and weekend events on location
  • Closed Facebook Groups for each group, so you can get to know your new friends and make travel plans before you arrive.

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