The enrolment of the participants to any programs designed, provided, supervised, undertaken, marketed, distributed by PAPL shall make the participants, end consumer, subscribers or the applicants subject to the following terms and conditions which are effective from the enrolment, participation or application of the participants to any program of PAPL which are stated as below,

  • 1

    The participants are bound to send the correct and true information in the application form and updated resume to PAPL as the participant's knowledge and belief. If any information is found to be false or incorrect, the participant's program will be terminated immediately on such discovery by PAPL, in addition to which, a penalty may also be attracted for misrepresentation to PAPL.

  • 2

    PAPL will assess and review the resumes of the participants and shall not disclose the details of assessment to the participants. The selection of the participants shall be in the sole discretion of PAPL. The participants are expected to attend the telephonic round of interview upon which the final selection shall be based up on.

  • 3

    PAPL shall specify the city names where the students will be offered the internship but is not bound to specify the company names and other details to the participants till the commencement of the internship program on arrival of the participants.

  • 4

    On cancellation of the program by the participants, the Deposit Amount paid to PAPL will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • 5

    The participants are expected, from the time of their arrival in Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, or India till their departure to the native country, to abide by the laws of the country and adhere to the guidelines provided by their embassy. PAPL shall not be responsible for any consequences arising out of the violation of any law or regulation by the participant. PAPL shall reserve the right to immediately terminate the program of any participant who violates the laws.

  • 6

    The participants are expected to arrive at the specified airport of the destination on the specific date provided to them as per the schedule of the program. The participant, on failing to do so, shall be responsible for their own transfers and accommodation till the date of the program. In case, the participants arrive later than on the day specified by PAPL, the participants shall be responsible for their own transfers but PAPL shall not be held responsible if the internship program is terminated by the Company.

  • 7

    PAPL shall brief participants on the details of the program and other guidelines at the commencement of the program. The participants are expected to follow the guidelines and abide by the regulations set by PAPL for the common benefit of the participant.

  • 8

    PAPL shall not be responsible for the conduct of the participants during the stay of the participants. If any participant displays any kind of misconduct or misbehaviour, PAPL has the right to terminate the program and expel the participant from the accommodation.

  • 9

    In a case of termination of any participant, for whatever reasons, the participant will not be entitled to any experience certificate, transfer, accommodation or any services from PAPL.

  • 10

    PAPL assumes no responsibility if any participant fails to follow the internship program schedule provided to them. The participants are expected to arrive before the program on a specified date and depart immediately on the completion of the program. PAPL will not take any responsibility for the consequences arising out of any stay, travel or activity carried out by the participants anywhere in the country apart from the program provided by PAPL.

  • 11

    PAPL shall not be responsible in case of any injury caused to the participant due to non-observance of the safety guidelines or otherwise or the instructions of PAPL or supervisor, if any, provided to the participants in any company. If the participant is found not complying with the rules of the assigned internship company, the company may terminate the internship and as a consequence, program shall stand terminated by PAPL. In such a circumstance, the participant will be required to leave PAPL accommodation immediately and also no refund will be granted to the participant by PAPL.

  • 12

    PAPL shall not be responsible for changes or cancellations to the Program in the circumstances of war or threat of war, terrorism, fire, environmental or climate concerns, government or local authority action, or any event which amounts to a force majeure and no refund or compensation for any loss will be given to the participants by PAPL.

  • 13

    PAPL shall not be responsible if the participants face any injury or damage due to an accident, natural calamity, criminal acts, force majeure, riots and other acts of a threat to personal safety.

  • 14

    PAPL shall deem the program closure at the end of the internship dates and discharge of its undertaken abilities on the transfers of all the participants to their destination airport for departure. The PAPL shall not be responsible towards the participants once the participants complete their program as per PAPL schedule.

  • 15

    The participants are bound to write the feedback on the services of PAPL on the completion of their respective programs before their departure from the country of their internship.

  • 16

    PAPL does not take any responsibility for any illegal activity of the participants or any activity outside the scope of the program. The participants hereby agree that they shall not indulge in illegal activities or any conduct prohibited by the country laws.

  • 17

    The participants shall carry valid passports, travel documents, currency, adequate insurance cover and other belongings at their own risk. PAPL is not responsible if any participant loses any of the above documents under any circumstances.